Some typical Breakthrough Energy Technologies :

1 : AUKW das Auftriebs Kraftwerk  ( opwaartse druk ).NuNederland AUKW 09

Het AUKW is leverbaar in 5 kilowatt en 100 kw en 5 Megawatt  units.
De 5 kw unit is 4,4 meter hoog en ongeveer 60 x 60 cm vloer oppervlak.
Voor meer info zie mijn nieuws item  en de Gaia die de publiciteit omtrent het AUKW doet en de (begin juni 2015 komen ze weer online) Firma Rosch  die ze levert.
Hier veel extra info over het apparaat op de website PESWIKI

 2 : Electric Motor Generator sets An electric motor driving an electric generator that is "specialy" configurated so that after initial start up, the generator  can power the motor and  also power a load. Excess energy makes the device self sustainable.
film : Witts Generator 

NuNederland KAPANADZE 50 kw3 : Solid state devices operating on Magnetism An electromagnetic apparatus without moving parts. Electricaly pulsing Coils at their resonance frequency resulting in magnetic flux. An open system receiving environmental energy so that the device puts out excess energy which is used to power a load and also to power the device it self,  making it self sustainable .
pdf : Kunel Patent film : Kapandze 100 KW Unit in Turkey   film 2 : Kapanadze 48 KW

Small portable 10 watt device , prototype from Akula for charging mobile phone for example.
Small portable device from Energy of Future Company


 4 : Motors with only Magnets.   Magnets are gate-pumps for the Zero-point NuNederland Yildiz 2aEnergy, magnets  transform energy from one state to another. Permanent magnets are used to power linear and  rotary   motors.
website inventor Yildiz met o.a. foto`s van demonstratie te Delft en Eindhoven :  Yildiz magnet motor. film : Yildiz magnet motor Delft .  film 2 : Yildiz prototypes .. they all work: different sizes, different power..   book :  Permanent Magnet motors: build one, by Paul Monus.  (foto: Yildiz at TU Delft)





5: COLD FUSION / LENR / E-CatNuNederland-Ecat1Mw

Cold fusion describes a form of energy generated when hydrogen interacts with various metals. Cold fusion also called low-energy nuclear reactions : LENR,  and quantum fusion. When hydrogen, the main element of water, is introduced to a small piece of nickel or palladium, a reaction occurs that can create excess heat.  Excess heat means more heat comes out of the system than went in to the system. LENR provides an ultra-clean source of energy that creates heat to make hot water and useful steam. Steam can turn a turbine to produce electricity. link : Cold Fusion Now.  link : E-Cat World  how it works : Lenrweb



Cavitating  water in the electrolyzer produces an even more powerful gas. The gas is comprised of charged water clusters formed from reentrant jets emitted from torus shaped, collapsing cavitation bubbles. the extreme pressure within the reentrant jet squeezes water into a nanometer wide, solid state, macro-ionic water crystal. The tip of the crystal exhibits a plasma bow shock wave with an extraordinary energy density that appears to be self-organized from the zero-point energy (ZPE)
pdf : Cavitating Electrolyzers The Key to "Over Unity", by Moray B King

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